Friday, 27 August 2010

They're back!

UPDATE - Thanks to a bit of community lobbying and the help of local councillors the lights at the crossing are finally back on.

Hopefully the next time the lights have to be switched off for roadworks TfL will alert people, provide an explanation and make sure residents are not without a safe crossing for two weeks.

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Geoffrey said...

Why are two of the red man/green man illuminated signs up so high? They are at a suitable height for horse riders, not pedestrians or even cyclists. If you do the Green Cross code, when looking to the left, or straight ahead, you can't see any of the red man/green man signs. If you look at the signs, you're actually looking away from the road and its dangers. Should the high signs actually be facing across the road, rather than at an angle away from the road? Perhaps our local councillors could pursue this pedestrian safety matter.