Monday, 23 August 2010

Who's chicken?

So for how much longer are the residents of Ladywell expected to play a risky game of chicken each time they want to cross
Ladywell Rd.
The traffic lights at the crossing have now been out of action for a week and there seems little sign of them being switched back on any time soon. I was crossing on Saturday and a driver slowed down and then inexplicably stepped on the accelerator as I reached the middle of the road. Thanks. So what’s going on? I can’t help feeling someone in Transport for London has decided that because of the temporary lights at the end of
Chudleigh Rd
, where road works are taking place, the Ladywell crossing lights should be disabled in order not to slow down traffic during the day. I mean, it just wouldn’t do to make drivers stop twice in a 200 metre stretch of road would it?. Imagine the chaos. But what about residents dashing to catch the morning trains?  TonyM


Anonymous said...

I don't think it's a TfL road, this is Lewisham Highways patch and I agree it's treacherous to cross at the moment. I think you should ask your local cllrs to follow up on it or e-mail

Martin Cassini said...

Traffic lights are the symptom of a dysfunctional system and do not guarantee safety. What is needed is complete reform, to include a change in culture from priority to equality, and roadway redesign to express equality and a social context.

Robert Sheppard said...

Abolutely Martin - and one key element in LVIG's thinking (to be reinforced in the imminent consultant's report on the streetscape) is a rebalancing of the current inequality between pedestrian and vehicle.

Martin Cassini said...

Robert, if you are in the LVIG and would like to talk, you can contact me via FiT Roads.